Where the Shadow Lies


My debut novel, Where the Shadow Lies, is a gripping, intricate psychological thriller with twists you’ll never see coming!
Secrets kill.

Lies dig deep graves.

And the Tindles are swimming in both.

Jael Tindle—a protective mother with a chilling secret—thinks she’s kept her son safe from her past…

…Until a long-lived lie exposes him to a killer. Terrified and desperate, she enlists the help of a stranger. And quickly learns she’s not the only one keeping secrets.

When two women go missing, and the police start sniffing around her family for answers, Jael must find the courage to confront her nightmarish past before she loses her son forever.

What happens when a stubborn mother, a jaded ex-cop, and a disturbed teenager play a deadly game of hide-and-seek with a psychopath?

Don’t Look back (2)And when all their lives are at stake, can the three of them untangle each other’s lies before becoming the killer’s next victims?

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“For twenty years, she’d had nightmares, almost nightly. None of them—not a single one—could prepare her for the horrifying scene she woke up to.”




Dark, Dead Stars


Available now, my newest novel, Dark, Dead Stars is a dark, twisted psychological thriller with a blockbuster ending you’ll never see coming!

It only takes a second to die.
Or to kill…

Alexa Storm, a self-diagnosed psychopath, is no stranger to murder. The Death Chaser, as critics like to call her, has spent her career following serial killers around the country, blogging about their victims.

Drawn to the choppy shores of the Pacific, Alexa discovers a community that harbors a dark secret… For the last year, someone has been killing homeless men in a brutal, ruthless fashion. And nobody is trying to stop it.

But Gray’s Harbor doesn’t like outsiders. Especially ones who ask questions.

With a rising body count, and her efforts to find answers thwarted at every turn, it’s not long before Alexa earns the attention of a vicious predator.

IMG_2278Will she uncover the truth in time to save herself from becoming the next victim?

Or will the pull for revenge turn her into the very type of monster she’s hunted her whole life?

Because under the right circumstances, anyone can become a killer.

Click here to find out.

“The living needed answers for the dead. Answers that skulked in dark places. Places that would break them to go. I wasn’t the breaking kind.”


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