The Lex Factor

Cassie Sharp’s DARK, DEAD STARS presents: The Lex Factor!IMG_2333

I am beyond stoked to start this project for you! If you’ve read my latest book, DARK, DEAD STARS, you remember our favorite psychopath, Alexa Storm. Well, it’s time for you to see where it all began! Join THE LEX FACTOR CLUB to get exclusive, free access to Alexa’s blogs, interviews, and more from her very first case!

Season One of The Lex Factor starts now! Sign up here to get episode one and start your journey into the mind of a young woman who lost her best friend, used a blog to write out her pain, and then became obsessed with serial killers.

What makes you the expert on psychopaths_

If you haven’t read Dark, Dead Stars yet, that’s OK! You can join The Lex Factor anyway, and start your journey now. I do recommend reading Dark, Dead Stars to get to know Alexa Storm, so you can better appreciate the beginning of her journey. Click here to read the psychological thriller that started it all! Dark, Dead Stars is about a woman who stalks serial killers, and the psychopath hell-bent on stopping her!

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