Review: Desert Rose by K. Moore

First of all, can I get a HELL YES for this breathtaking cover? Not only is it a definite
IMG_0054wow-factor, it’s absolutely perfect for this psychological suspense/thriller. But that make-you-look-twice outfit it’s wearing isn’t even the best thing about this book. The story is.

So, let’s talk about Desert Rose—a debut novel—by the crazy talented K. Moore. The story is set in the beautiful city of Dubai. It’s about an American expat, Jennifer, and her husband, Kevin, who are immediately thrown into the worst nightmare imaginable. Their ten-year-old daughter, Sarah, is abducted on an outing to the supermarket. This is my BIGGEST FEAR. I have been terrified of losing one of my children since they came into this world, so right off the bat, K. Moore has my attention and my heartstrings. The story is told in the point of view of the mother, Jennifer, and let me tell you, I felt everything along with her. The shock. The heart-stopping realization. The cold fear. The desperation. The grief. The rage. ALL OF IT.

As the story unfolds, conflict in the form of little help and information provided by the local authorities and the US Embassy ramp up the tension in an intensely terrifying way. She makes you question every single character in the book, makes you want to look around corners and sneak through alleyways searching for the truth. She snatches you from your favorite reading nook and transports you to Dubai, and oh my god, you never want to leave.

K. Moore blends just the right amount of rich characterization and burning tension to keep you turning those pages well into the night. And you will. Scroll down to read an exclusive excerpt.

Definite five-star read for me!

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An exclusive excerpt from Desert Rose:

I gather yet another handful of sand, but instead of letting the breeze take it, I pour it into the jewelry box as I whisper my promise to my absent daughter. “In this place, at this time, I say goodbye. I don’t want to, and it’s not fair. But life’s not fair, and I need to concentrate on tomorrow and keep living. I hope and pray that wherever you are, Sarah, you are well. I will keep searching. I’ll never give up. Never.”

With a click, the lid to the box holding the desert sand is secured. I run my fingers over the uneven surface of the mosaic design. Sarah loved the desert roses. She couldn’t believe such a beautiful thing could grow so easily and flourish in a place devoid of water and dirt. I hope I’ve captured a part of her spirit and soul with the sand in the box.

I press my lips to the rough wood surface and gaze up into the night sky. The stars are becoming visible, and a surreal feeling overcomes me as I watch them appear in the silence of the desert.
“Do you think Sarah’s alive? Do you think she can see the stars from where she is?” My words are whispered into the night.

“Maybe?” Melanie answers on a sigh as she, too, stares into the night sky. “I hope so.”

I watch my friend leaning back against the car as a small tear trickles down the side of her face. None of this has been easy … for anyone. The events are a stark reminder that life-changing events can happen to anyone at a moment’s notice. They are indiscriminate and uncaring. Melanie’s friendship over the past weeks has been unfailing. Without her steadfast support and guiding voice, I don’t think I could have survived the duplicitous game we were forced to play with our friends, family, and the media. The white lies and half-truths, all in an attempt to try to save Sarah, to get her home. All worthless and seemingly designed to protect everyone, except us and Sarah.

I look down to the jewelry box held tightly in my hands and close my eyes. I move the box up to my chest, letting it rest beside my ravaged heart. Somehow, throughout this ordeal, it has continued to beat. I gather strength from this and offer up a prayer to anyone who will listen, praying that Sarah’s heart beats as well. I need to believe it does. I’m not sure how I could survive if I found out otherwise.

Darkness has fallen completely when I open my eyes. Even with muted light being provided by the moon and stars, the desert appears limitless. But it’s the silence. The silence surrounds us; it envelops us.

I clutch my small part of Sarah with renewed vigor, not wanting to let her go. I need to get out of this place before the silence consumes me.


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